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Chris Fox is a naturally intuitive DJ who can help make your event even better. He provides a classy background musical vibe, and then electrifies your dancefloor moments later. He works closely with clients to decide exactly when this moment should happen, and is a pro at making sure everything flows effortlessly. Parties always have all sorts of variables, but having quality music & timing ensures overall success.

As a DJ, Chris excels at blending different styles together to unite your whole crowd. His DJ sets range through all eras and genres, showcasing his vast musical vocabulary. With sensibilities that are both unique and crowd-pleasing, he takes a classic dancefloor approach and adds his own original flavor. 

In addition to being a DJ, Chris has had experience in all aspects of hosting parties. This includes general coordination between clients, designing themes and art for events, social media maintenance, bookings of outside talent, and overall promotion. Chris has over 10 years of experience in the nightlife and private event industries. He has held residencies at venues such as Monarch, DNA Lounge, Laszlo, Double Dutch, Ambassador, Hawthorn, Starlight Room, Slide, HiFi, La Costanera & Westin St. Francis. 

Chris helps to create unforgettable corporate and private events by working closely with clients to attain their exact musical vision for the evening. He works with three world-class entertainment agencies- Love In The Mix, Boutique DJs, & Entire Productions, all based in the Bay Area. He provides music at 30 weddings per year all over the California in addition to dozens of corporate & private events.